Competitividade no setor público: as ações mercadológicas desenvolvidas pelo banco do Brasil no lançamento de uma família de fundos de investimentos estão garantindo vantagens competitivas?

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Martins, Paulo Emílio Matos
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This work presents the conclusions of case study during the deregulation of Brazilian investment funds in 1995, in typical context of change in paradigms. In order to reach such point, two auxiliary and preliminar/ studies had to be effected: first, the Brazilian fund industry was surveyed and depicted by means of Michael Porter's competing Industry Forces Model for the first time. Simultaneously, criticai success company factors were identified, mapped in synoptic table which consolidates complex set of information on the matter. In the light of such theoretical referential, research was undertaken in terms of the action taken by Banco do Brasil when launching new family of investment funds and conclusions regarding the success it obtained. Despite the temporality of this work, future perspectives concerning Banco do Brasil as well as the fund industry in Brazil have been able to be drawn.

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