O regime jurídico da estadia no contrato de transporte rodoviário de cargas

Godoy, Luciano de Souza
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The present work analyzes an important provision of law n. 11.442 / 2007: the definition, in the text of the law of a time limit for loading and unloading of vehicles in road freight transport. In addition to setting the time limit, the law defines what remuneration is due to the carrier in case of delay. This institute is currently known as a estadia in the field of road freight transport. As shown in this study, the different legal frameworks of the estadia bring numerous practical consequences. In the absence of a more in-depth analysis by the doctrine and jurisprudence, the judicial decisions have given different types of treatment in the litigious cases involving the estadia. Therefore, relevant issues such as the statutory deadline and method of collection, the responsible for the payment, the need for proof of fault, and the possibility of free prior adjustment between the parties are therefore undefined.

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