O perfil de bem-estar dos beneficiários em idade economicamente ativa (BIEAs) do Programa Bolsa Família (PBF): uma proposta de avaliação

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Beltrão, Kaizô I.
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This paper proposes an welfare’s evaluation of the working age beneficiaries in Bolsa Família Program (BFP BWAs) at the city of Porto Alegre. Such an assessment is guided by identifying situations restrictions or traps (SACHS, 2005) the ability of individuals to choose different lifestyles, through the instrumental roles of freedom (SEN, 2010). Thus, hypotheses are tested involving the relationship of individuals with the education, the labor market and income. The evaluation results suggest the existence of a level of income with restrictions; incentives to interrupt the enrollment process before a desirable level; a slightly convergent relationship between schooling and income; and low access to the formal labor market, prevailing precarious labor relations. Finally, this thesis proposes the placement of relevant issues related to BFP BWAs in a broader human development perspective.

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