Influência da tecnologia interativa síncrona e da adaptação metodológica sobre a intenção de continuidade de uso da educação a distância

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The aim of this study is to analyze the synchronous interactive technologies and the methodological adaptation influence on the continuity intention of e-learning. 2.376 people from five different regions of Brazil took part in the first phase of this research and the PLS-PM technique was used with the 243-subject final sample. The results show that the students adaptation to the methodology - proposed construct - is an important indicator of their satisfaction, utility perception and their intention to continue studying by distance learning. However it was not possible to prove the synchronous interactive technologies influence on the e-learning use continuity, showing that information techonology role is to support educational process. In addition, students will be guided by methodological aspects applied to several available media. It was also identified that older generations tend to study on line more than younger ones. Thus undertanding the facts which affect the continuity of students' participation in e-learning programs can be a strategic advantage to the institutions as they can improve their profitability decreasing their evasion and encourage a better education for e-learning courses graduates as well.

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