Seed money grant project proposal climate perception and adaptation strategiesin the food supply chain

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Climate change and the impacts of extreme weather events represent a major threat to company operations and supply chains. However, there are few studies regarding climate change risks to firms and their adaptation responses. This study proposes the investigation of the determinants of climate risk perception and adaptation strategies in the food supply chain in Brazil. More specifically, we focus on the soya supply chain, considering its economic importance and its vulnerability to climatic events. The study is divided in two phases: in the first phase we develop a quantitative study to test a model of climate risk perception and adaptation, and in the second phase we discuss the findings and implications in four workshops held with relevant stakeholders. Results are expected to be of academic and managerial relevance. In terms of contribution to the business literature, this study bridges the gap between climate risk perception and adaptation strategies and analyzes perspectives at different nodes of the supply chain. The results also bring light into the influence of social context on the adaptation to climate change. As managerial contribution, this study aims to foster risk awareness and develop climate communication strategy via recommendations for firms as well as for public policies. The project represents a continuation of the partnership of the Centro Latinoamericano-Suizo at the University of St. Gallen (CLS-HSG) together with the Centre of Excellence in Logistic and Supply Chain (GVcelog) at Fundação Getulio Vargas-EAESP. Under this collaboration, there has been qualitative investigations of the impacts of natural disasters and climate change on supply chains. Through this Seed Money Grant proposal, we hope to further strengthen this partnership, to scale the knowledge already built, and to broaden the project into a larger quantitative study.

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