Os benefícios de impactar: as mitigações contraditórias do Conselho de Desenvolvimento Urbano do Recife

Sobral, Filipe
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This dissertation studies the mitigation measures i n the licensing processes of Impact Enterprises, determined by the Urban Development Co uncil of Recife – CDU. It aims to contribute to the effectiveness of the municipal go vernment in regards to the criteria and necessary considerations for the approval of Impact Enterprises, in the context of the significant increase in demand for this type of pro ject in the regulatory institutions. It was analyzed the process of discussion and determinatio n of mitigation guidelines for Impact Projects in the city of Recife in the last decade. Data collection was based on documental research of laws and official records, in the condu ct of projects, as well as the use of spontaneous interviews, semi-structured interviews with actors from the government and civil society. It clarifies the role and importance of CD U in the process of democratic management, showing the features of Impact Enterprises, as well as the positive and negative influences of mitigation guidelines, the quality of urban life an d understanding about who is the real beneficiary. The analysis concludes that the propos ed mitigation measures are ineffective, because actions are compulsory, in other words, leg al obligations that the entrepreneur should follow. The compensation guidelines are based on in adequate diagnoses, without the incorporation of proposals of affected social group s, and no evaluations of the effectiveness of mitigations settled. In most cases, they only serve as local improvement, benefiting the project, without planning macro, disregarding the r ole of public management in the sustainable development of the city.

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