Estimação do modelo APT (Arbitrage Pricing Theory) para o mercado brasileiro de FIIs

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Ruilova Terán, Juan Carlos
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This thesis seeks to investigate the risk factors that determine the returns of the FIIs traded in the stock exchange and organized counter markets of the BVMF, through the estimation of the APT model, according to the two classic approaches. For this purpose two APT models were estimated one with macroeconomic risk factors and a principal component analysis (PCA) of the returns of the FIIs selected for the sample. The results obtained indicate low explanatory power of the two APT models and, except for the ETTJt interest rate structure, no statistical significance was observed for the macroeconomic risk factors, results different from those obtained by Chan, Hendershott and Sanders (1990) for the US REITs market and similar to the results obtained by Rebeschini and Leal (2016) for the Brazilian stock investment funds market. This may indicate that despite the recent strong growth in the Brazilian FII market, the level of FIIs' Brazilian market development is still low, especially when compared to other assets traded in the Brazilian financial market or similar assets traded in foreign markets. Being observed a large number of FIIs with a single portfolio asset, which, together with the results obtained in previous studies and principal component analysis (PCA), suggest that FII returns are more related to the characteristics of the underlying assets than to risk factors related to market indices.

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