A insignificância do descaminho e do furto na jurisprudência do Supremo Tribunal Federal

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Góes, Silvana Batini Cesar
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In the year of 2004, the Supreme Court defined the criteria to be used in applying the principle of insignificance. The mentioned institute in conjunction with other principles of criminal law, for example, fragmentary, subsidiarity and minimum intervention is guided by minimally intervene in social behavior. The purpose of the principle of insignificance is to disregard the application of criminal law in situations where there is no significant damage to the legitimate good. This study examined how the principle of insignificance has been applied by the Supreme Court in certain crimes. There was even, but in more detail, the treatment of the Supreme Court of that principle in relation to the crime of embezzlement and theft, from a survey judged the Supreme Court from 2009 to 2014.

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