Em busca de uma abordagem não atomizada para o exame das relações entre liderança transformacional e comprometimento organizacional

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Traditionally, studies on leadership use an atomistic approach which ignores the effects of different configurations (gestalts) of the construct. It prioritizes the logic of one variable at a time. Starting from this criticism, our goal is to analyze the relationship between configurations of transformational leadership and organizational commitment. We conducted a survey using a non-random sampling of 331 questionnaires of employees from eight service enterprises. We used structural equations modeling to validate the scales, and cluster analysis to find the three configurations of transformational leadership: disorientation, subleadership, and conversion. The relationship between these configurations and the three dimensions of organizational commitment was tested using the MANCOVA generalized linear model. The results indicate the existence of the relationship; however, the relationship between leadership and instrumental organizational commitment is mediated by the educational level of the employees.

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