O Governo JK e a revista Manchete: a criação do mito dos anos dourados

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Abreu, Alzira Alves de
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The years between 1956 and 1961 were prodigal for the development of Brazil. The JK government consolidated the country’s industrialization process, created Brasilia and is regarded as a single case in national contemporary politics, as it was the only civilian government to start and end its mandate according to constitutional rules, up to the military dictatorship period. Employing a recollection process, the present dissertation intends to remember historical fatcs which, through the narration of Manchete magazine, have contributed for the creation of a positive image both of president Juscelino Kubitschek and his own government. The magazine issues bringing his image of a great statesman justify the existence of that political myth in the collective memory. Kubitschek’s trajectory was characterized by his sympathy, his persuasion power and by the unique strenght of his argument, against which silence was imposed after the 1964 military coup. Through its stories, Manchete shaped what happened at that time, in a country under an accelerated developing process, thus contributing to bringing forth the myth of the golden years.

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