Comprometimento organizacional: uma construção a partir da autenticidade do líder e do contexto psicológico

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Sobral, Filipe
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Looking for superior performance of human capital is a key for organizations to exercise greater competitiveness and to achieve higher levels of competition. For this purpose, to conquer the greater involvement of workers is fundamental to improve individual performance and stands out as the main way to build enduring competitive advantage in organizations where, to the leader, is delegated the role of motivator. Recent studies reveal a new approach to understanding the impact of leadership on subordinates. The authenticity. The true leader has the merit of generating self-efficiency on their subordinates, and be perceived through the respect he treats his subordinates, showing high consistency in their actions. This leader assesses the views of their subordinates, provides feedback on performance and possesses values that lead him to be fair, and has the ability to extract extra effort of their team. Therefore, the more 'authentic as a person,' the more you can directly impact the effectiveness of their followers. But this study revealed that there is a component of mediation between the leader and the largest authentic organizational commitment. The psychological contract. In its relational dimension, especially, the psychological contract is said to mediate the relationship between the authenticity of the leader and the largest team commitment, in other words, the authenticity of the leader shapes the way the individual is linked to the organization, so this is an out stand finding and help us to understand what are the real factors influencing the increased performance of employees.

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