Descentralização, relações intergovernamentais em países federalistas: uma revisão do debate na literatura

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Federalism, intergovernmental relations and decentralization with their administrative, fiscal and political dimensions can be theoretically approached. A central issue addressed by the literature is the authority distribution between the federative entities and their levels of autonomy on these three dimensions. The promisse inserted in the decentralizing agenda is that it would redesign the intergovernmental relations, especially to pact how the subnational governments would assume news financial resources and power. But how to define administrative competences it brings up the game of power in the federative arena one of effects happens in the way and in the dynamic of intergovernmental relations (IGR). While the federalism fixes the constitutional and political rules which organizes the sharing of power between the entities IGRs are the more concrete side of political and administrative linkages. The IGRs inserts in federative game and decentralization may be the way of institutionalizing negotiation, bargain and cooperation among the central and subnational entities.

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