As 'Confrarias' como um Fenômeno Organizacional Brasileiro: Notas Etnográficas de um Aprendiz de Bourdieu

Vieira, Marcelo Milano Falcão
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Over the last years we have seen a significant increase in scholarly production within the organization studies field in Brazil. However it is still not representative. The tendency to consume foreign and fashionable ideas unrestrainedly, to make use of imported, universal and non-contextualized explanations to inquiry phenomenon which are essentially local and particular, make it difficult to develop a true Brazilian tradition. This work is a result of an ambitious ethnographic adventure' of an acknowledged apprentice of sociologist Pierre Bourdieu's large body of knowledge. It is about taking reflexivity to the limit. It is about learning 'through the body' in an effort - both theoretical and empirical - to investigate a Brazilian organizational phenomenon which reproduces the hierarchical side of our society and, under the disguise of the legitimacy offered by organizational discourse, help keeping the very structure of our society in a silent but powerful way. I also want this work to be an alert for the importance of contextualization as a means to avoid a recurring distortion of the scholarly production in administrative science: the mobilization of theoretical references in such a safe way that make explicitness totally unnecessary, the appropriation of concepts whose essence is strange to the nature of the very phenomenon which they aim to explain, and the insistence in the impersonal style, in third-voice narratives, as if it were possible to produce knowledge in social sciences with absolute impartiality. '

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