Diversificando a exportação brasileira ao Japão: análise do mercado japonês e de produtos selecionados para exportação

Nakano, Yoshiaki
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This survey aims to show that there is a significant number of Brazilian products, which could possibly have reasonable potential access to the Japanese market but that's not duly explored by the Brazilian exporters. These products classified as 'non-traditional' meaning, the imports of which, in the last five years, have not reached a constant annual export value over US$ 1 million. There we re 27 items among 118 selected which attended all, conditions to be indicated as a GOOD PRODUCT FOR EXPORT TO JAPAN: - performance of the Brazilian exports to Japan - regular and constant increasing of Japanese import from Brazil and from alI over the world - difficulties for imports due to tariff and non-tariff barriers - potentiality of the Japanese market Those items have grown 75,93% per year between 1975 to 1979, having raised ten times at the same period. I hope to offer a way of increasing exports to Japan to the Brazilian exporters, showing them how to get a correct policy in order to increase and diversify Brazilian exports to Japan.

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