O papel das instituições de pesquisa na formulação de políticas públicas

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Martes, Ana Cristina Braga
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Assuming that Institutions, Organizations and Institutional Arrangements are essential for the State to build and operate its public policy agenda, this article intents to discuss the role of research institutions in the formulation and improvement of public policies, highlighting the strategic importance intitucionais the arrangements for the actions of cooperation and partnerships. Therefore, we present the case study discussed in the dissertation of the Master, 'The National Agricultural Research System: Implementation Proposal for a New Management and Governance Model' as an example of a strategy to organize and strengthen the relationship research of agriculture with public policies. The formulation and implementation of Public Policy 'Sector Plan for Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change for the consolidation of a Low Carbon Economy in Agriculture' - ABC Plan is presented as a model of the relationship between science and public policy.

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