Além das versões: possibilidades da narrativa em entrevistas de história oral

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The work with oral history consists of recording interviews which have historical and documental proprieties, with actors/actresses or witnesses of events, conjunctures, movements, institutions and ways of living along the contemporary history. One of its basic foundations is the narrative. An event or a situation lived by the interviewee can not be transmitted to any other person without being narrated. That means that it frames itself (meaning that it does become something) at the very moment of the interview. By telling his/her life experiences, the interviewee transforms what has been lived into language, selecting and organizing facts according to some determined meanings. This work of language in crystallising images (images which refer to, and mean again, life experience) is common in all narratives - and we do know that sometimes it is much more successful than others (just the way some oral history interviews are certainly more successful than others). However, perhaps we have not given yet all the attention needed to this work of language in the oral sources.

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