Internacionalização do empreendimento social: um estudo de dois empreendimentos sociais que entraram no Brasil

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Caldas, Miguel Pinto
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The internationalization of organizations can be noticed as international transactions grow at a rapid pace. Amongst several alternatives, internationalization frameworks developed and analyzed have been mainly used, in academic studies, to portray the process of internationalization of industries; however, its application in other sectors is still very incipient. Social entrepreneurship,which can be described as the organization or person trying to meet a need or solve a problem of a social nature using business methods, gradually has also sought the internationalization process, nevertheless there are still very few studies that depict the process of internationalization of social enterprises. The aim of this study was to compare the strategies and internationalization process of social enterprises with the traditional theory of internationalization verifying if the traditional framework could be applied to the internationalization process. Social entrepreneurship in Brazil is quite significant, but remains limited to the borders of the country. For this reason, the object of our study was social enterprise internationalizing into Brazil. Here we analyzed, through the exploratory qualitative research approach based on in-depth interviews, two oragnizações who came to Brazil. The results arising from these interviews showed different patterns and processes and as a result, we present the dynamics found for the internationalization of social enterprises.

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