Do greener REITs show better performance?

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Giovannetti, Bruno Cara
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Whether firms benefit from socially responsible actions is under debate over the last few decades. Real estate is an important class of assets on investors portfolios and also largely contributes to waste generation, energy consumption and has a significant impact on health, because people spend several hours of their days at the office or at home. In this paper I explore whether brazilian FIIs (funds that invest in real estate just like american REITs) with greener portfolios show better stock returns and operating efficiency. I extract properties owned by each fund and its financials from CVM3 and LEED scores of each property from USGBC4 . I run a set of fixed-effects regressions of stock return, asset and equity turnovers on the share of green properties for each REIT over the 2001–2017 period and detect an approximate 1% increase in stock return given a 1% increase in portfolio greenness, but find no evidence of increased operating performance. Another model, accounting for endogeneity of past returns is developed and shows no relationship between greeness and returns or operating performance.

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