Regionalização dos serviços de assistência à saúde: uma nova configuração estratégica da operadora Fesp

Cyrino, Álvaro Bruno
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The segment supplemental health in Brazil is today substantial importance on the national scene, not only for its breadth and coverage, but also for its economic relevance. In this scenario, there is the segment of medical cooperatives Unimed, which now serve about 8% of the population and holds over 33% market share in the industry. Since the advent of the regulatory framework of the sector in Brazil, the health supplement has been subjected to a rigorous process of restructuring while segment, which year after year has reduced the autonomy of free negotiation of prices and expanding the list of mandatory procedures for operators. Given this scenario and under the theme of business strategy, we proposed an exploratory study of Unimeds Federation of the State of São Paulo (Fesp), critically assessing the regionalization model adopted in her carrier, characterized as a new strategic configuration, aligned to the reality of the regulatory sector and competitive market environment in which it operates.

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