Atuação de consórcios de exportação brasileiros no segmento de moda praia

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The article takes a qualitative approach to the activities of export joint-ventures in the beachwear fashion segment in Brazil from a marketing standpoint. Using the Grounded Theory method, the study seeks to identify categories that comprise and influence the export performance of three export joint-ventures of the beachwear fashion segment. The relevance of this article lies in highlighting categories encountered by means of field research and presenting the relationships between them. These categories were identified as major categories, intermediary categories and preliminary categories, and the objective was, respectively, to: a) identify characteristics present only in the joint-ventures studied; b) identify the promotional mix through them; c) characteristics present in the beachwear fashion segment of the joint-ventures studied. The article presents theoretical and managerial implications by presenting two major categories that are relevant in activities of export joint-ventures in foreign markets, namely marketing know-how in the foreign markets and joint-venture characteristics.

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