Mudanças climáticas: um caminho para a avaliação da política pública brasileira para o setor

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Martins, Paulo Emílio Matos
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Considering the relevance of the question of climatic changes for the world today, this thesis has as its objective to evaluate Brazil 's public policies for this issue. Starting from an analysis ofBrazil's present environmental policy, it examines the country's programs and actions which are directed towards climatic changes, studies the development of the Clean Development Mechanism projects for Brazil, and evaluates the country's current public policies related to climatic changes. Despite the complexity of the topic, this evaluation uses a methodology which is characterized by both its depth and simplicity, the methodology for the evaluation of public policies developed by Oliveira and Martins (2003). Based on the three principal dimensions to be considered in the evaluation of public policies-- the social, economical and political dimensions-the methodology of Oliveira and Martins (2003) in this study has been adapted to receive, in each dimension, features (variables) and their respective indicators which are related to the question of climatic changes in Brazil. These features having been selected, points for consideration were inserted based on field research in which the interviewees were free to express their preferences. Extending up to the intermediate leveI of evaluation of Oliveira and Martins methodology (2003), this study shows how it is possible to evaluate Brazil's public policies for climatic changes, and pemaps it wiIl also serve to motive the continued development of the model here proposed, with an aim towards offering an instrument for the direct participation of society in the definition of the directions Brazil should take regarding climatic questions. Furthermore, other regions of the world could possibly adopt this methodology, given its flexibility of contextualization.

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