O crescimento econômico escandinavo: uma seleção da literatura de crescimento e o caso dos paises escandinavos com foco em recursos naturais

Barros, Alexandre Lahoz Mendonça de
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This workpiece is intended to study, from a wide theoretical basis about economic growth, the case of scandinavian countries – Sweden, Norway and Denmark, focusing on the role of natural resources in the growth process. It adresses the question if natural resources have really had a significant impact in the sustained development of Scandinavia. Looking through the changes in the economic structure in the last century, using at the same time a quantitative and qualitative methodology, the conclusions answer in a positive manner the previous question. Natural resources have been a quite important leverage to economic growth in scandinavian countries. They have acted in two distinct ways, the first directly and the second indirectly. In the first case, where Sweden can be fitted, part of the income generated by natural resources has been invested, along decades, in underlying high valueadded segments. In the second case, the indirect way, where Denmark and Norway are found, part of the natural resources income has been allocated in important assets to sustain economic growth in the long run, such as infra-structure, education (human capital), research and development. Other factors, such as the geografical proximity to the main economic centers, favorable institutions and the high ratio of literacy, at the end of the nineteenth century, have also contributed to the expressive growth of scandinavian countries in the last 150 years.

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