Impactos dos valores pessoais no trabalho em equipe em organizações do terceiro setor

Vergara, Sylvia Constant
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This study had the main purpose to answer to the following issue: How far the social projects experts's values contribute to a specific manner of working as a team? Searchin g for this answer, bibliography and field researches, with deep interviews and the picture construction technique were accomplieshed. The data analysis was carried out under a phenomenological view. This research report is structured in two pivots: The understanding of the individual, and of his relationship within the group. Firstly, I dealed with the formation of the Individual and his values; secondly, I focused the relations of the Individual with the group and more specifically, the team concept and the main characteristics and conditions that guarantee an efficient teamwork. Both chapters were developed through interpaticipating analysis this is by showing transcriptions of the most relevant parts of the interviews and of the works produced by the groups to as well as data from the bibliographic research. I concluded that, in the case of the researched sample, personal values really act on the way the Third Sector experts work in team, and that these experts are cooperative and committed to their respec tive projects.

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