Investigando a aplicação da realidade virtual na educação: vídeo game

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Oliveira, Fátima Bayma de
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The constant evolution of technology is driving education in new directions, emphasizing the use of new tools, providing an evolution in the teaching and learning. Virtual Reality is already having and will have a definite role in this evolution. This thesis aims to contribute to the understanding of students' perceptions in the city of Curitiba over the use of computers in education. To investigate and interpret such perceptions we will considered the main characteristics of the Baby Boomer Generation and Generation Y with the basic foundations necessary using the concepts of Virtual Reality, Distance Education, Digital Age, including their effects and their possible application in education, to allow the student to discover, explore and build on their own knowledge. We sought to further identify whether the interpretations of virtual reality technology are converging or divergent among students. To achieve the proposed objectives, data collection took place in the form of questionnaires structured for students of primary, secondary and higher education enrolled in school year 2009. The analysis of the data revealed that there is a unanimous convergence between the responses of interviewees and research objectives.

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