Brazil's Popular Groups: história e significados de uma coleção da Library of Congress

Heymann, Luciana Quillet
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Brazil’s Popular Groups: a Collection of Materials Issued by socio-political, Religious, Labor and a Minority Grass-roots Organizations (BPG) is a microfilmed collection that brings together a wide variety of printed documents related to Brazilian popular groups, published since the 1960s until the present time. Gathered for the first time in the mid-1980s by the representative office of the Library of Congress in Rio de Janeiro – inaugurated in 1966 – BPG materials are divided by periods and organized under different categories. More than thirty libraries in the United States, as well as memory and research institutions in Europe and Brazil – including the National Library – have microfilms of this collection. Interested in investigating the socio-historical conditions that allow the constitution of collections that gain public dimension and the places that occupy such artifacts, the research analyzes the BPG from its relation with North American and Brazilian political contexts, paying attention to different temporalities and subjectivities that marked its production, as well as its circulation. The aim is to highlight the historicity of the collection, the dynamics of the process of narrative construction of its collector, and some of the meanings and places that have been attributed to it throughout its existence.

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