Retenção de talentos por meio de reconhecimento e recompença

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Vergara, Sylvia Constant
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This dissertation aimed at checking to what extent recognition and reward mechanisms motivate the keeping of talents. It considered the fact that there are people who make a difference for the organization because they hold competencies that are difficult to acquire and of strategic relevance. However, these competencies will be lost if relations between performance and recognition and adopted reward practices are not established. As a starting point, theoretical principIes which could assist addressing the exposed problem were sought in subject areas like Psychology, Sociology and Business Management. This reference source showed the importance of talent keeping, as well as described and analyzed some of the many variables that could have an impact on the setting up of psychological links between talent and organization, highlighting the main components of the motivational process in talent keeping. It also allowed identifying and analyzing the main recognition and reward mechanisms which could be adopted when valuing and keeping iv talents, and they were related to three motivation currents, laying out a talent keeping evaluation conceptual model. The results of this study served as a guide to the field research. It aimed at finding out about recognition and reward mechanisms which motivated talents the most to remain in an organization. It also assessed the possibility of the so called motivation promoters, when effectively implemented, to cause an impact on talent motivation along time. The analysis of the research results validated the conceptual model, deducing that out of the 31 mechanisms studied only eight do have keeping power, and seven of them are associated to professional growth, approval and recognition. The results do not exclude the hypotheses and lead to the conclusion that recognizing and rewarding talents imply in much more than offering bonuses and monetary and material prizes. Although externaI incentives may contribute, motivation to remain in a company is intrinsic to the talent and is associated to his or her life space, as he or she sees himself or herself integrated to and respected by the group, having his or her efforts fairly recognized and rewarded.

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