A perspectiva do consumidor frente ao comportamento ético empresarial (parte final)

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There is a trend of more competitive markets, as result of globalization, lower levels of economic growth and other causes. As so, the role played by consumers influencing the behavior of firms might increase. However many related questions emerge in Brazil. What are the major ethical and unethical business practices to consumers? What are the most ethical and unethical firms to the consumers? Is ethical firm behavior important to consumers? Do consumers reward the ethical firm behavior? About this last and crucial question, regarding some journalistic reports, the answer is yes. However, any academic empirical result was found in Brazil focusing such a question. This report involves a empirical research about those questions. Before, on the theoretical side, it is performed a review of the literature about the increasing importance of business ethics, marketing and the role of consumer ethics in Brazil and abroad. On the empirical side, two are the purposes. First, an open probe is done about the best and worse business practices in terms of ethics, as well as the most ethics and unethics companies. Second, the constructs Importance of Ethical Firm Behavior to the Consumer (IMPETIC) and Willingness of the Consumer to Reward Ethical Firm Behavior (RECETIC) are measured, as well as a relationship among them is tested. A database was built through a postal survey of citizens from Campo Grande, Curitiba, Salvador, Manaus and Vitória, five Brazilian cities. On the empirical results, it deserves mentions the significant relationship between IMPETIC and RECETIC. Ultimately, the findings and limitations are presented and discussed.

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