O campo criminalística: uma abordagem da cultura organizacional à luz da filosofia da ação de Pierre Bourdieu

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Migueles, Carmen Pires
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Organizational culture has been an excellent analytical tool for management. Under his perspective, organizations have been studied in order to establish or build up an identity as a way to leverage their performances. The present work explores the concepts of culture and organizational culture to better conform to the goals. It was decided, in this context, by using the concepts of action signed by the philosophy of Pierre Bourdieu - field, habitus and Capital - since differentiate themselves from others culture’s theorys by bringing a relational conception of structure and social actors, between objectivity and subjectivity . Using this theoretical framework, the field Forensics was delimited from the Capital that are at stake here, especially the Capital named Forensics, differentiating it from other fields that tangent: Police, Legal and Scientific. Given this definition and from a case study of the Forensic Institute of the Federal District, it was also possible to establish the main elements that make up the cognitive habitus of forensic experts who work there, checking them - especially with the habitus police - tracing differences and possible similarities.

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