O impacto da implantação de escritório de gerenciamento de projetos (EGP) nas organizações públicas: o caso da Polícia Federal

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Rego, Marcos Lopez
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In this research, to investigate the positive and negative effects perceived by project managers, members of the management offices and project sponsors after implantation of PMO of the Federal Police in Brazil. Argues that the implementation of EGP has been shown to be a critical success factor for public organizations because projects are structural changes aimed at organizational innovations. The research project employed qualitative methods in four study cases (Headquarters of the Federal Police in Brazil, Federal Police of Rio de Janeiro, Federal Police of São Paulo, Federal Police of Minas Gerais) using semi-structured interviews with the PMOs managers, sponsors and project managers. The foundings showed the positive and negative impacts, the difficulties as challenges of the PMO, as well as the traditional and basic services like the methodology development, trainning and reports distribuition to the high administration.

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