Identificação dos riscos na cadeia de suprimentos de um distribuidor de produtos químicos no Brasil e proposição de um plano de mitigação de riscos

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Vieira, Luciana Marques
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The complexity of supply chains today requires that their managers no longer focus solely on having the right product, at the right place, at the right time, and at the right cost. Identifying and measuring the vulnerabilities and risks to which supply chains are exposed have become a crucial factor in the competitiveness of organizations. Nowadays organizations that are able to implement a risk management system in their supply chains are strengthened against their competition by preparing themselves clearly and accurately in the actions necessary to face adversities since the question is no longer if they will happen but when they will happen. The proposal of this work is to implement a model of risk management in the supply chain of a chemical distributor in the Brazilian market. An action research was conducted in the company from the definition of a risk management model to be implemented that identified, through a survey with the managers of the company, the main risks to which the supply chain of the company was exposed; then the main risks were measured and a mitigation plan was suggested to the company. The organizational impacts that the implementation of this risk mitigation plan will bring to the company in terms of the need for investments and also the development of new managerial competencies were also evaluated.

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