Conflito de interesses' nas sociedades anônimas: análise do art. 156 e sua eficácia jurídica

Nunes, Claudia Ribeiro Pereira
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This study aims to analyze, from the point of view of doctrine and jurisprudence, the wording of the legal provision of Article 156, contained in Law 6404 of 1976, 'Corporate Law', about the managing conflict of interests because it contains undefined legal concept not yet defined by law or by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission, and, by that, is subject to divergent decisions regarding its factual application, generating impacts in its legal effects, which will be analyzed further. Initially will be exposed the doctrinal theories that endorse the theme and whose application are ground in jurisprudence. Then be contextualized historically the emergence of managing conflict of interests in Brazil. After this exhibition, the concept of legal effectiveness applied to the present study will be defined, in order to achieve its applications in Article 156.

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