Habilidades em fundos multimercados brasileiros: um estudo para o período de 2010 a 2015

Martins-da-Rocha, Victor Filipe
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This work has two main objectives: to assess whether the Multimarket Investment Funds returns come from the ability of managers to have market timing, or the risk exposure to alternative betas, and second, if you can get similar returns to the Multimarket Investment Funds by creating synthetic simulators. For the first objective, it was used the return-based style analysis, using multiple linear regression models by the method of ordinary least squares (OLS). For the second objective, models were created through the technique of rolling windows, to simulate the Multimarket Investment Funds Index returns. In all style analysis models, the coefficient for the manager’s ability was not significant, with 90% confidence, giving evidence that the returns come from the risk exposure to alternative betas. All the simulators created achieved returns with less than 2% annualized difference in relation to the Multimarket Index Funds returns, giving evidence that the simulators can have similar returns to levels of multimarket funds.

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