Avaliação da aprendizagem no contexto socio-político educacional da Paraíba

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Baeta, Anna Maria Bianchini
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The recognition of school education as an indispensible means to achieving a larger and better quality insertion of the individual in the political, social, cultural and economic spheres; and the evaluation of the learning process as one of the most important teaching elements in the school failure phenomenon which impedes such an insertion, are the central factors which govern the present study. Our objective is to, through the study of school education and school failure, discuss and redimension the direction and avaluative practice on the basis of collective studies developed throughout the planning stage of a junior and senior public high school in the town ofPatos, Paraíba. We introduce into this study a general explanation about objectives, proposals, complemented and deepened by theoretical references to certain studies regarding the re lationship between school and society, and about evalations. We consider it important to describe the moments experienced during the research, whether it be with reference to the work carried out with the teaching faculty, as weIl as the everyday problems which arose in the school. We sought to place this within the socio-political and sindicate context predominant at that time. We trace the paths foIlowed in the field work, detailing the sampled research, the proceedures and instruments used within a process which gives priority to collective work and the views of teachers and pupils about the object of our study, evaluation. The resulting data trom these proceedures are discussed and evaluated trom the configuration of certain categories, and in the light of some presupposed theories and research carried out in other contexts. At the end we return to the inicial questions, producing evidence for concrete paths ofpossible change for this school as a result ofthe collective work carried out.

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