Formação, disseminação e colaboração: internacionalização em administração de sistemas de informação


This research evaluates the internationalization profile of Brazilian researchers in the Management Information Systems field based on analysis of three dimensions: academic education, research dissemination and collaboration in international networks. Based on data collection from the Brazilian Lattes Platform (an online database of curriculum vitae), Google Scholar and the websites of education institutions, regarding a total of 554 researchers with doctorate degrees, a group of 50 Brazilian researchers with some level of international integration was identified. This study reveals that the most internationalized researchers in the field are mostly from institutions in the Southeast (66%) and South (28%) of Brazil. Only a few (16%) of these researchers did their doctorate abroad, although others had international experience through postdoctoral studies (38%), extension courses (45%) or sandwich scholarships (18%). The international dissemination of the work of this group of researchers grew 65% in the period between 2010 and 2015, with publication in periodicals and participation in international conferences. This group's international collaboration network was also identified in the research.

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