Framework de avaliação da complexidade de projetos em portfólios de engenharia civil

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The importance of complexity to business performance has gained academic and managerial recognition. Knowing how to deal effectively with complexity is a differential for organizations, including temporary ones (projects). Therefore, a better understanding of the complexity of projects and their applications is necessary. However, the scientific literature shows a lack of frameworks to assess complexity in organisations, especially in the field of civil construction. Thus, the objective of this exploratory article is to propose a framework to evaluate the complexity of projects in civil engineering portfolios. The framework was created from the complexity factors in engineering projects identified by a bibliographic review, dealt with by the Analytic Network Process (ANP) decision making technique and supported by the Complexity Theory. As a result, the Multiplicity, Interdependence, Diversity (MID) framework was created and used in an example to prioritize the project portfolio of a construction company. In terms of the Technical, Organizational and Environmental (TOE) framework, the research suggests that the MID Framework is broader (evaluates any type of project), simpler (leaner structure), and more diverse (calculates the complexities of the project and the project in the portfolio) to prioritize portfolios in the area of civil engineering.

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