Doces práticas para matar: o papel de recursos humanos em downsizing e demissão

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Transformations in the economy, in the management of organizations and in the industrial relations negotiations have significantly impacted work in organizations and hundreds of thousands of people have lost their jobs since the 80 s. Dowsizings and dismissals are commonplace in Brazil and elsewhere. However, managing dismissals has not been a central research theme in HR literature. Other functions like recruiting, performance appraisal, development and compensation are well covered, but dismissal seems to be forgotten. The objective of this work was: (a) to present a review of international and national literature on the issue; and (b) to investigate how HR professionals and managers in charge of dismissals describe dismissals practices. The results point to the HR area s role (and managers in general) in these processes. The HR rethoric in the subject, described by Legge (1995), that there is a need to be cruel in order to love, presents itself as a fundamental action in the construction of organizational practices related to dismissal and downsizings.

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