A política das reformas institucionais no Brasil: a reestuturação do setor de transportes

Loureiro, Maria Rita Garcia
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This research aims to explain the political process that resulted in the current institutional arrangement of the federal transportation sector in Brazil. The Federal Law 10233, of 2001, restructured water and land transportation; it created two autonomous regulatory agencies, a council to propose national policies to integrate the different modes of transport, and the National Department of Transport Infrastructure. Using the theoretical approach of historical institutionalism from contemporary Political Science and the method of controlled comparison between two contrasting cases, namely the cases of the telecommunication and transportation institutional reforms, the analysis concludes that the temporal ordering of the reform process and the mechanism of policy feedback had a significant impact on the outcomes of the transportation case, delineating a pattern of institutional change characterized by the introduction of new rules and organizations on top of existing ones, whereas in the telecommunication sector the institutional change was typified by the removal of existing rules and organizations and the introduction of new ones.

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