Os efeitos da transformação de uma loja convencional em uma loja virtual

Barki, Edgard Elie Roger
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The complexity of Brazilian retailing demands a lot of strategy for a surplus operation, and defining the ideal store format and mastering an effective management model is fundamental for profit. The objective of this work is to evaluate the effects on sales, profitability, experience of store employees and consumers in transforming a conventional store into a virtual store. Demonstrating that a considerable increase in profitability is possible through growth in the sale of financial services, reducing and diluting expenses, mainly with personnel and logistics. Seeking a better consumer experience and providing access to a greater mix of products and also at more competitive prices and a more comfortable environment, as well as a better experience to sellers, where they have more time to negotiate services, with access to information more detailed information of all the products of the store, allowing a more complete and technical sale. This process of transformation required great negotiation skills with the team, because the first moment was of disbelief in the project, however when confronting the current store model everyone could perceived that the physical dimensions of the property occupied by the branch, made the conventional store operation unfeasible. The studies pointed out that the virtual store model was the most suitable for the market. The project was executed with absolute success and the store was inaugurated in April 2018. The method used was qualitative exploratory research with indepth interviews, collecting open data and situations experienced by 06 employees and 06 clients who were interviewed. It was concluded that, in the form of a virtual store in the city of Rolândia (PR), consumers began to make purchases quickly, having access to competitive prices, personalized service and qualified sales people with a high level of knowledge of the products and services sold. For further studies, the researcher must take into account the market in which the store will be deployed and define the target audience that will be served, it is worth mentioning that a leadership that believes and engages in the process makes all the difference to the success of the project.

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