Trabalhar para que? Percepções sobre trabalho entre jovens de diferentes estratos sociais

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Tonelli, Maria José
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The current world of work is undergoing major transformations in recent decades. The changing of the economic scenario, the technological innovations in high speed and strong global competition are important factors that have influenced decisive markets, companies and the concept of work in general. In this context, the relevance that work plays in our lives is undeniable and the search for understanding its meanings and concepts have aroused the interest of scholars in the field of organizational studies for some years. The Brazilian scientific production has also been seeking understanding of, how work is organized and established in our lives through empirical research and / or theoretical study. In this research, we aim to learn how young people, who were already born in this changing environment, perceive the work in their lives. This research presents a qualitative analysis of interviews and drawings made with 92 young people from different social strata that showed that there is a homogeneity in the perceptions about work In others words, for the vast majority of these youngsters work is perceived exclusively as a means to earn money and to consume and not as an end in itself, regardless of the social class they belong. The point of view of these young people emphasize the importance of the role money plays in their lives, including it being the main protagonist in the pursue of happiness. Based on a critical analysis, we believe that work is not a central point in the participants lives and that what is central in their discourse is the role that money plays in our consumer society.

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