Fatores da administração do sistema penitenciário do Rio de Janeiro que os impedem de cumprirem com sua missão de recuperação do detento?

Motta, Paulo Roberto
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Since some years ago, the penitentiany systen of Rio de Janeiro is going through the nuest sendus administrative crisis,leading more and more to chaotic situations, over imagined before by homan being. Nowadays all the factors and components of the existing models are still medievaIs, and even distant fron the human needs. The daily life ofthe condemned is a sway betuen lack of hygiene, disrespect to homan rigts, lack of modem corrective practices and also, lack of psychological support. How, then can me demand from the state ( Govemment) the rehabilitation of the imprisoned and their preparation to face society if they are treated manny times as victins of this same society? This society impose a life style enjoyed only by a privileged social class which forget about then when sent to the darkness. Many of then, join the penitentary systen because of minor crimes, and when they serve their tem, um for funately they go back to prison accused for move violent crimes. The penitentian models haven't developed the same way the society where they worked at has. There, the present brazilian penitentiary model has showed obsolete and inefficient alone its principal mission ofrehabilitation and re - education ofthe imprisoned. Our main objetive will be the construction and analysis of the penitential administrative model, as being able to fullfill the necesity of the penitentiary administrator (Manager). Analy zing on a specific reasoning which focus showld not be that of the theories and isolated projects of the topic, we will develop a progran far form religions, judiciary on political technics by building na administrtive penitentiary model strictly professional where we coul a have a deep analysis of the topic. We will try to approach the aspects of organization existing to day inorder to understand them and criate, a model wich will adjust betten to the necesitives of this thesis.

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