História, memória e patrimônio da Escola Militar do Realengo

Castro, Celso
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This thesis examines the influence of the military, particularly the Military School in the period 1912 to 1944, on the urban form of Realengo, located on the suburb of Rio de Janeiro. With the main body of documentary formed by the reports of the War Department and related laws, are established marks for analysis of the transformation process of the former rural municipality in a military area, emphasizing the impact that focused on the region due to the transfer of the Military School of Brazil, from the Praia Vermelha to Realengo. Preliminarily, we identify the first military units that occupied the region, establishing connections between the functioning of these organizations, the constitution of their heritage and the urban development of Realengo. For background, are also presented the seats occupied by the Military School during the nineteenth century and the circumstances that motivated his departure from Praia Vermelha in the early twentieth century. The time line begins in the period from the early nineteenth century, when the calls realengas lands were donated to the town of Rio de Janeiro by D. João VI, through the twentieth century, when it had consolidated assets of the Military School in Realengo and urbanization of the neighborhood, and reaches the present day, when, following the end of the school, the decay and neglect are the hallmarks of the old military buildings in the neighborhood. Also indicated are the operation of the factory cartridges and the creation of two large military areas, the Vila Militar de Deodoro and the Campo dos Afonsos. Finally, we investigate the perspectives and actions of the Brazilian Army and other organs of society in preserving the heritage and memory of the old school.

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