Imagem e país de origem e atitude em relação a filmes de origens diversas: a influência do afeto, cognição e comportamento

Ayrosa, Eduardo André Teixeira
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The study has the purpose to check the existence of correlation between country image and attitude towards films from different countries. The study also had the objective of verify the predominance of one of the three components of attitude: affect, cognition and behavior towards films from different countries. In order to accomplish the objective, 310 self-administered questionnaires, of five different kinds, each one relating to one of the five counties studied (China, France, Iran, India and United States) were applied. In all of them a session referring to Brazilian¿s films was introduced. From the data collected, it was possible to conclude that there is correlation among country image and attitude toward films from China, France, Iran, India and USA. It is also possible to conclude that in low involvement situation with films, there seems not to be any difference between the affective and cognitive means and the affective and behavioral means. Nevertheless, in high involvement situations with films, it was possible to verify a significant difference between cognitive and behavioral means, but not between cognitive and affective means. Based on the answers obtained from the sample studied, there is no significant difference between the means of the affective and the cognitive component and the affective and behavioral component of attitudes towards films, in situations of high involvement with the country of origin of the film. Finally, it was possible to conclude, from the sample studied that Brazilian¿s students seems to be more favorable to Brazilian films than to films from China, Iran, India and France and only north-american films seems to be seen by the students, as more favorable than Brazilian films.

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