Vida e morte no direito brasileiro: uma reflexão sobre a relação entre dogmática jurídica e estrutura dos tribunais a partir da decisão da ADPF n. 54

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This paper analyzes the Brazilian Supreme Court (STF) Decision (ADPF n. 54) in which the court, by majority of votes, stated that the termination of the pregnancy of an anencephalic fetus does not constitute a crime of abortion. The paper analyzes the arguments used by the judges in their opinions to show that they agree on the conclusion, but strongly disagree on their reasons, with the result that the court remains deeply divided on the legal concept of life. The paper then points to the fact that the possibility of different majority positions regarding the decision and the arguments that justify it is not accidental, but the result of the court’s structure, which does not guarantee the collective rationality of the court’s decisions.


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