Identificação e análise dos riscos associados ao processo de mudança na implantação de um novo modelo de gestão de operações

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Zanini, Marco Túlio Fundão
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This study, through an exploratory, descriptive and explanatory research, aimed at identifying the risks associated to the change process in the implementation of a new operation management model called integrated management of operations (GIOp), encompass ing new processes and t echnologies in Petrobras’s E& P business area. Using Kotter’s framework (1996) as reference, in which he identifies eight steps for change management in an organization, and based on the questionnaire proposed by Cohen (2005) called ' The Change Readiness As sessment', which allows for an assessment, within the eight steps, of where potential risk and threats may be found, this study brings forth reflections on the perception of four job categories (executives, managers, technicians and project staff) at Espír ito Santo Operational Unit and how they affect change readiness. It also assesses the importance of leaders’ fundamental role in this process, guaranteeing the necessary supp ort for project sustainability. Questionnaire results show a considerable risk perception in all categories. The only step not covered in the risk area was the sense of urgency (step 1), which showed low risk. As change is not only based on step 1, it is important to gather people in order to develop a shared assessment of issues rel ated to the change process (problems, opportunities) among the groups involved, fostering an atmosphere of trust and communication on the project in order to ensure results, in which the sense of urgency functions as a driving force in accelerating and pro moting the other steps.

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