Examining sources of resistance to the implementation of a patent management system in a developing country: evidence from a case study of the Brazilian Patent Office

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User resistance to information systems implementation has been identified as a significant reason for the failure of new systems and hence needs to be understood and managed. While previous research has explored the reasons for user resistance, there are gaps in our understanding of how users evaluate change related to a new information system within patent office organizations. This paper explores the sources of resistance associated with the implementation of a Patent Management System (PMS) at the Brazilian Patent Office, which is named 'Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial' (INPI). This study investigates typical types of user resistance together with strategies for overcoming these resistances. In the case under analysis, the study shows that resistance to the PMS caused a delayed adoption of the system and the main motives for resistance were: the employment relationship and the perceived interference of the system with the power and autonomy of the patent examiners.

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