Do desenho nacional à dinâmica local: a implementação do Programa Minha Casa Minha Vida em Maringá (PR)

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Teixeira, Marco Antônio Carvalho
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This thesi’s aim is to analyse the implementation of a brazilian housing program, MCMV, in ordem to identify if this process is affected by the legacy of the policies that are formulated at the local level of government and by its path. The program structure, the federal government institutional resources provided in order to achive the program’s purpose were studied along with the results and the municipal management’s dynamic on the program’s implementation. The literature has its base on intergovernmental relations and federative coordination to indicate that the federal government mechanisms were insufficient to make the municipality producing enough housing to families with low income according to the area’s housing deficit. Its argued that the implementation process is affected by the action of local actors who controls the process and used to decided how the policies will be implemented and what will be implemented. This point of view is supported by the implementation theory and by the path dependence approach, both help understanding the performance of these actors in the dynamics of the local implementation. The research is theoretical empirical, qualitative, case study regarding the research strategy, wich the empirical object is the municipality of Maringá- PR and the instrument used to collected the data was a semistructured interview. The results shows that despite the intergovernmental articulation weakness, the competences between the federatives bodies worked as complementary because the municipality has contributed donating building sities in order to policy feasible. It was concluded that few units builted and located on the suburb, despite being supplied with social facilities they suffer the consequences of a strong agreement between public actors and interest groups that guide their actions to promote the town, fact that increases housing prices limiting the possibilities of producing housing for low income families.

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