Longevidade das micro e pequenas empresas prestadoras de serviços: um estudo das dimensões organizacionais e suas implicações

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Zouain, Deborah Moraes
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This textis intended to present a basis for the discussion on the longevity of micro andsmall companies, denoted here by the Brazilian acronym MPEs, service providers based on the partnership withbig companies. The focus is put on the organizational dimensions space: structureand processes, behavior, strategy, technology/innovation and environment. Thereason for such choice is twofold: first, as a way of reviving the Brazilian discussionsabout the importance of the longevity of the MPEs as an agent of the economydynamics; second, to demystify its management functionality and indicatorsbased on its longevity. This study is immersed on the dimension manifolds, asfactors that aggregate a collection of variables, discussed under the light oftheory reference of the social-technological system, life-cycle analysis,complexity 'logic' and epistemological evidences of organizational dimensions,accounting for marginal tangible and intangible factors of thelong-living MPEs’ management. The methodological strategy was based in qualitativeand quantitative survey , with descriptive investigation, explicit and applied,using instruments for primary and secondary data analysis and field research with application of interviews and questionnaires.Eighty two service providers MPEs with longer than five years longevity and partnersof big companies were investigated. After the data analysis it is clear thatthe organizational dimension interfere in a synergistic way in the companies’life. The results also support that the partnership with the big companyexplains in a large amount the longevity of the MPEs. At the end of the study, itis presented a frame with the management indicators of long-living MPEs byorganizational dimension.

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