Brasil em lições: a história do ensino de história do Brasil no Império através dos manuais de Joaquim Manuel de Macedo

Horta, José Silvério Baia
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This thesis analyzes acknowledged Brazilian History text books of the 19th-century. Throughout the making of the Imperial State in Brazil significative changes occurred in the lives of most individuais who belonged to the 'better sort' of society - the rulers of the empire, among them. An outstanding expression of this group ws José Manuel de Macedo - an instructor at a then considered top-Ievel school of the Empire, the author of important Brazilian History text books, and the propagator of a methodology for teaching, which was adopted by several generations of school teachers thereafter. His works - Lições de História do Brasil para uso dos alunos do Imperial Colégio de Pedro 11 e Lições de História do Brasil para uso das escolas de Instrução Primária - well expressed his conservative stand and established a standard for successive generations of the 'better sort', in what concerned contents, methodology, valued notions, and images of a history about Brazil. I attempt to demonstrate here how Macedo contributed through his works not only to legitimate the Imperial order, but also, by highlighting the place of the Brazilian Empirein the setting of the so-called civilized nations and, at the same time, by emphasizing the role and place of the 'better sort' in the Imperial society as a whole, Macedo ended by building a very specific notion of identity for the country.

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