Pop-management literature: popular business press and management culture in Brazil

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As in other emerging countries, the 1990s in Brazil were characterized by profound economic changes. The business press reflected and influenced this process. Newspapers and magazines grew and assumed an important role, disseminating values associated with neo-liberalism and managerialism. In this paper, we aim to contribute to the understanding of the content produced by this media and how the readership reacts to this content. To accomplish these objectives, we used the method of fantasy theme analysis (Bormann, 1972) to analyze four business magazines, and we discuss how Brazilian culture mediates the assimilation of foreign ideas and managerial expertise. Our study also helps to understand how the pop-management literature, disseminated by the business press, echoes and reinforces managerialism and management culture. Copyright (C) 2008 ASAC. Published by John Wile), & Sons, Ltd.

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