O processo de construção da identidade do profissional Perito Criminal Federal

Cardoso, Ricardo Lopes
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According to the Criminal Processual Code of Brazil, the crime scene investigation is essential, and can not be replaced by the confession of the accused in the crimes that leave evidences. This research begins a study on the construction of professional identity of the Perito Criminal Federal, the expert that acts within the Federal Police in Brazil. The academic approach was adopted in order to identify the main issues that contribute to building this professional identity. The main objective of this work is the recognition of their own role in society, and based on this information, to find initiatives that could encourage the search for improvement, better training and development of the professionals, benefiting not only the motivation and job satisfaction of the Perito Criminal Federal, but mainly, the improvement in the response it produces for society. The study results revealed that his identity, like any professional, is in constant metamorphosis, and is influenced by his individual history and realities, and by environmental social and professional influences. The study showed that there are gaps to be filled in the view of the professional related to the feedback of his work, beyond the concern with the quantity versus quality in the production of his Reports. We also observed the existence of an organizational environment disfavorable for the enforcement of international and national law and recommendations, that stipulates the need for autonomy in forensic scientists job, to ensure impartial and neutral evidence examination in search of justice. It also became clear the need for greater communication and internal discussion about the vision of the future. It is essential for the realization of a democratic society that respects human rights and ensure the public safety, a Perito Criminal Federal that is aware of his identity, that can act effectively, with motivation, agility and quality, for the justice for Brazilian citizens.

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